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Welcome to the Sheffield Pagans Moot web site.
Information on the next Moot can be found on our new Facebook page here
Open to all adult pagans and heathens who fancy a pint and a natter, Sheffield Pagans Pub Moot usually runs from 7.30 pm onwards, on the 3rd Thursday of every month at Fagans pub, 69 Broad Lane S1 4BS Just off the Sheffield City Centre.
(click here for a map). Please note that the Moots do not always occur, so do check the Facebook page linked above to confirm.

The Sheffield Pagans Moot is just what the name says.
We welcome all pagans and heathens as well as
anyone who is interested in paganism.

We welcome support and input from other local pagan organisations or individuals, so if you want to get involved, just contact us, or ask on the night.

For further details, click here to email us.

Fagans Pub, Sheffield
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